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25 | 06 | 2024
  • ASCII data file merger   ( 1 Article )

    ASCII file spreadsheet merger

    This small tool eases the task to merge two or more ASCII based spreadsheets. The program assigns columns with an already known column caption to the respective indices, while new ones are appended to the right of the table. Column cells missing in one data file are filled with blanks and data lines are succesively attached to the end of the new table.

  • Serolis   ( 1 Article )


    Dot-plot software for literal and genetic sequences and DNA translation

    Serolis is a small tool to investigate sequences visually by dot-plots. It allows to process strands of several hundreds or thousands of symbols and to interactively zoom into the plots. For genetic investigation it has build-in tables for DNA to protein translations and can BLAST sequences via web-access. Thus, one can easily execute a full workflow without 'program-hopping'. Beside normal text files Serolis imports FASTA and Multi-FASTA files. The software can be directly run from any USB storage device without installation, what makes it an interesting tool to take with.

  • Seawater properties   ( 1 Article )

    A tool for calculating fundamental properties of seawater

    The small tool is a stand-alone calculator for a couple of fundamental properties of sea water. This includes conductivity, conductivity ratio, PSS-78 salinity and depth from pressure with respect to latitudinal position and temperature. The user can modify single values while the respectively depending ones get changed automatically. Additionally the tool calculates depth, freezing point and sound speed.

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